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What it is

The Jazz Guitar Ring is a collection of web sites and home pages around the web for those interested in beautiful guitars, guitar playing, guitar music, especially jazz, guitar brands, guitar maintenance. On every page which belongs to the ring you will find a next link that will bring you to the next page in the ring, until eventually you get back to where you started.
This service is absolutely free, there is no catch.

If you play jazz or blues guitar, or love guitars, and if you have a quality website or home page dedicated to jazz guitars, jazz or blues guitar playing, or players, your site definitely belongs in the jazz guitar ring!

Since there are already Web Rings which focus on topics such as beginners' lessons, Country and Steel music, Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal playing, and more, the focus of this ring is on electric guitars, advanced playing, and jazz or blues.

How To Join

You feel your page would fit here and want to join? You're welcome!
Please follow these instructions:

  1. Terms and Conditions
    Please read carefully the instructions on this page.
    Please understand that your site can not join the ring unless
    1. you insert correctly a ring code fragment into your page (see below),
    2. you insert your site id and your name into this code (explained below),
    3. you upload a set of images from the examples below to your site or create your own,
    4. your site fits well in the ring in terms of content and design. For example there should not be broken links etc.
      The ring management reserves the right to add or reject sites.
    5. Finally, please note that sites "collecting" Web Rings are frowned upon and will not be added
      (Sites which display membership of more than three other music related Web Rings will not be added. Is there really a need for dozens of "guitar webrings"?).

  2. Ring Code Fragment
    You need to have a "Jazz Guitar Ring" code fragment, that is, a short HTML source code, on your page. You can copy it from this page below.
    Please paste this HTML code somewhere into the source of your main page. You will have to insert your own email address into the code instead of as well as yoursite's id instead of siteid.

  3. Logo Graphics
    Choose a set of graphics to upload to your site. View the Gallery to see a choice of graphics, or create your own.

  4. URL Submission
    Fill out this form and submit your site to the Jazz Guitar Ring Queue

  5. Site Title

    Description (max 250 characters)

    Keywords (optional; max 150 characters)

    Site URL

    Site URL (leave blank if same as entry URL)

    Site ID (letters and/or digits)

    Site Owner (name of the new site's webmaster)

    Email (email address of the new site's webmaster)


  6. Insert your site id, your name and e-mail into your code fragment and wait for your addition.
    Please be a little patient, this may take some time, depending, at least one or two weeks.

Site Admin
Site ID:

Forgot your password?

The HTML Code Fragment

Make sure this code is inserted into your main page! It must be visible when the page you submitted is loaded.
This is required to join the ring.
You can copy and paste the code from this page by pointing the mouse cursor on the beginning of the code and, keeping the left mouse button pressed, move down until the complete code is highlighted. Then, use the "Copy" command on your browser to copy into the memory of your computer. With the "Paste" command you can now paste it into any edit window.
Please edit all information that appears here in blue to support your site, that is, insert your Site Id in place of "SiteId".

Note: Frame users may submit the URL of their frame document, while the code fragment must be on the page first loaded into the main frame.
If your page uses frames, please make sure you have the TARGET="_top" parameter in every link from the ring code to prevent other sites loaded into your frame.

<!--- begin jazz guitar ring code fragment -->
<A TARGET="_top"
BORDER="0" SRC="guitar1.gif" ALT="The Jazz Guitar Ring"></A></TD><TD>
<A TARGET="_top"
BORDER="0" SRC="guitar1n.gif" ALT="Next Site"></A><BR>
<A TARGET="_top"
BORDER="0" SRC="guitar1p.gif" ALT="Previous Site"></A></TD></TR></TABLE>
this jazz guitar ring site owned by
<A HREF="mailto: Jazz Guitar
Your Name</A> -</NOBR><BR><NOBR>
<A TARGET="_top"
back</A> |
<A TARGET="_top"
random</A> |
<A TARGET="_top"
next5</A> |
<A TARGET="_top"
all</A> |
<A TARGET="_top"
info</A> |
<A TARGET="_top"
<!--- end jazz guitar ring code fragment -->

This will appear on your page as follows (depending on which graphics you choose):

The Jazz Guitar Ring Next Site
Previous Site

- this jazz guitar ring site owned by Your Name -
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Jazz Guitar Ring Logo Gallery

"Standards", file size 12k

"Vintage Beauty", file size 20k


"Light backgrounds" (grin), file size 10k


"Al Segno", file size 12k
(this requires a slightly different code fragment)


If you feel you can create better graphics, you are welcome!
(file size of logo graphics set must not exceed 20kB)
(these graphics were created on "vintage gear" i.e. a stone age 386 with 16 colors)

The Jazz Guitar Ring Next Site
Previous Site

- this jazz guitar ring site is the jazz guitar ring home -
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Thanks to
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for making this service possible.

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